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Cleanze:  An ideal All Purpose Cleaner


Love NanoWash but want something with a little more “bite”?
Cleanze is a revolution in All Purpose Cleaner technology and represents hundreds of hours of testing and development.  We use similar technology found in NanoWash to break down dirt and grime safely.  The best part of Cleanze is its versatility.  Melt bug guts off the paint, remove lipstick from the steering wheel, dissolve dirt from floor mats, strip brake dust from your wheels, clean around the house, and more!

Cleanze is Strong yet Gentle, so use it with confidence!

ClearShine Cleanze All Purpose Cleaner Carpet

ClearShine Cleanze All Purpose Cleaner Vinyl

ClearShine Cleanze All Purpose Cleaner Dirt Oil


Designed with simple detailing in mind

Our overall goal is to create the products required to keep your vehicles in their best shape with as few products as possible.  That means we make products that work together!
Using Cleanze to strip off dirt and grime is best followed up with a quick application of ClearShine NanoWash because its sealant will prevent future contaminants from sticking to the surface.

This means easier cleaning next time!

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