Nut Job Wheel and Spoke Cleaning Tool


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Nut Job Tool sold by ClearShine

The Nut Job is changing how the world cleans and polishes wheels!

Hard to reach areas on your vehicle?

You’ll LOVE the Nut Job!  Created by Randy Lewis as a better way to clean and polish lug nuts and other intricate areas.
One side expands and contracts to give best results around lug nuts or ornaments, while the other side is narrow and useful for accessing tight areas.

Not just for lug nuts – Try it out on spokes and other tight corners!

Nut Job Tool sold by ClearShine

Nut Job Tool sold by ClearShine

Use it manually or with power!

The Nut Job can be used by hand or inserted to a power drill to increase speed of cleaning and polishing.

Nut Job Tool sold by ClearShine

Built in the USA and built to last!

These tools are assembled in Tennessee, and these have been proven to last even in commercial environments! (one dealership used it on 1200+ vehicles without any problems)
The “socks” are removable and machine washable, so you will be able to keep using it over and over!
Replacement socks available, too!

Less Time | Better Results
“One of the best investments you could make!”

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