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Clay Sponge with Storage Case


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Product Description

Simply washing your car will not give optimal results.  


Environmental fallout embeds into the surface over a period of months, and for decades until now, the only solution has been using a piece of clay, lubricated and wiped across the surface to mechanically remove this contamination.

Clay picks up and traps contaminants, but after doing 1-2 cars, it gets too “full” of debris and must be replaced.  Also, if you drop the clay, it must be thrown away and replaced.  Thanks to recent improvements in polymer technology, we are able to offer a better solution to traditional clay!

With the ClearShine Clay Sponge, you will experience many benefits!

  • Dense foam is more comfortable than traditional clay
  • Faster than traditional clay
  • Easy wash-off instead of throw away if dropped
  • Lasts for 50+ vehicles instead of only 1-2 for traditional clay


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Dimensions 3.47 x 1.18 x 2.36 in


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