Waterless Technology

NanoWash is a Waterless Washmeaning that you no longer have to spend time getting the hoses rolled out, pressure washer hooked up, buckets cleaned and filled, or the car out in the driveway!  Simply grab your spray bottle and a couple of towels!

The Protection of Polymers

NanoWash builds protection with each wash.No More Waxing!NanoWash does not contain any wax.  Instead, it uses a synthetic polymer sealant which leaves the surface beading water for weeks!  Regular washing will add layer upon molecular layer of durable protection!  This stack-up will repel water, minerals, and other dirt better, meaning that washing actually gets easier with each use!

Environmentally Friendly

NanoWash is an environmentally friendly product.Gone are the days of consuming gallons and gallons of fresh drinkable water; NanoWash accomplishes a better clean with only a few ounces.  Furthermore, every ingredient used to create NanoWash is non-toxic and biodegradable, so not only is your car going to be clean, but so will your conscience.

 NanoWash – How to Use

ClearShine NanoWash is the best way to keep all of your non-porous surfaces clean, glossy, and protected.  These tips will help you get the best results out of NanoWash,

Easily…every time!

 Start in the shade with a panel that’s cool to the touch

Even if your surfaces are neglected like this black car, which sat outside all winter long, NanoWash will make quick work of the crust and reveal the shine!

Dirty Surface

Mist NanoWash onto the surface and let it do the work

The unique blend of polymers in NanoWash immediately begins to react with the surface dirt, loosening it and encapsulating it so it can’t hurt your mirror finish.Tip: Allow NanoWash to react for at least 10 seconds before proceeding!

Spray and Wait

1st Pass

Using ZERO pressure, wipe in one direction to pick up the loosened dirt.  There should be remaining NanoWash on the surface after this step.Using our Premium Edgeless Microfiber Towels will yield the best results!

2nd Pass

Using a clean, dry towel with very little pressure, begin to pick up the remaining NanoWash.  Turn the towel to dry sections frequently for best results!The specific chemistry in NanoWash will make it evaporate for easy drying!

OPTIONAL, for best results:

Clay Sponge wo Case

Click Here to view ClearShine Clay Sponge


Once you have removed the dirt from the surface, mist NanoWash onto the surface as lubricant for the Clay Sponge.

Wipe Clay Sponge across the surface in long, straight lines until the paint feels perfectly smooth!

If there is not enough lubrication, the Clay Sponge won’t glide across the surface easily.  Not much pressure is required!


Admire your crystal clear finish, and get back to enjoying life

NanoWash finishes clear and glossy without the hassle!

Grime to Shine

Now everything you clean is shielded by industry-leading polymers

The harsh daily environment doesn’t stand a chance!

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