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GT350 Gloss and Wheels

NanoWash by ClearShine

Waterless Technology

NanoWash is a Waterless Wash
meaning that you no longer have to spend time getting the hoses rolled out, pressure washer hooked up, buckets cleaned and filled, or the car out in the driveway!  Simply grab your spray bottle and a couple of towels!

The Protection of Polymers

NanoWash builds protection with each wash.
No More Waxing!
NanoWash does not contain any wax.  Instead, it uses a synthetic polymer sealant which leaves the surface beading water for weeks!  Regular washing will add layer upon molecular layer of durable protection!  This stack-up will repel water, minerals, and other dirt better, meaning that washing actually gets easier with each use!

Environmentally Friendly

NanoWash is an environmentally friendly product.
Gone are the days of consuming gallons and gallons of fresh drinkable water; NanoWash accomplishes a better clean with only a few ounces.  Furthermore, every ingredient used to create NanoWash is non-toxic and biodegradable, so not only is your car going to be clean, but so will your conscience.

White Paint & Trim

NanoWash Truly Is



Armed with only your spray bottle and a couple of microfiber towels stashed behind your seat, you are now capable of doing a complete detail of your exterior surfaces.
Any time.   Any place.

  • Parking Lots
  • Parking Garages
  • Apartment Complex
  • Car Show or Meets
  • Race Track
  • Father-in-Law's House



NanoWash contains polymers which saturate the dirt, encapsulate the particles, and insulate them from the mirror-finish surface.

The result is a perfect finish, free of swirls and "spider web" scratches!

Yukon Dirty 50-50
Clear BMW Hood


 About Us

The ClearShine team is comprised of several members with a broad range of professional and life experiences.  We all have an intense drive to keep our vehicles looking their best but also enjoy many other hobbies; therefore, we began the creation of products that achieve immaculate results without requiring a dedicated weekend.

Our goal is simple:  Cost, Time, and Labor Effective products that get the job done better than anything else on the market.

Spend less time WORKING...
Spend more time ENJOYING!

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